Kickstarter — Research Trip

Launched: Dec 21, 2011
Ended: Jan 20, 2012
Status: Funded!!

60 backers pledged $3,101 to support the first phase of on-site research for the Women’s Soccer Play. Peep the campaign video:

Here’s a bit of text from the campaign:

Hi there!  My name’s Melisa Tien, I’m a playwright based in New York City, and I’m working on a play I’ve dubbed the Women’s Soccer Play (until a snappier title comes along).  It’s about a young women’s soccer initiative that NPO Breaking Ground started 4 years ago in Ngaoundéré—a city of about 150,000 in the soccer-crazed, West African country of Cameroon.

In a community where women are rarely allowed outside of the home, a simple activity like playing organized soccer has dramatically increased the women’s self-esteemself-articulation, and self-reliance.

The first step in bringing their story to the stage is on-site research.  I’ll be going to Ngaoundéré in March 2012 and will spend 2 weeks interviewing, photographing, recording, and hopefully playing soccer with the young women of the now-well-established league. For a modest sum, I’ll take you on the trip VIRTUALLY!   What does this mean, you might wonder?

It means that a small donation will get you the thoughtful and thought-provoking travel blog, personally delivered to your Inbox.  If you donate a slightly larger sum, you’ll get the blog + snapshots of a city and culture that most folks have never experienced.  If you donate an even larger sum, you might also find yourself with a video greeting from Ngaoundéré. Donate even more, and on top of everything you’ll get a nice print of your choice from the trip’s album. But, if you’re feeling ridiculously generous, you might find yourself with the special bonus of a reserved seat at the closed-door, first reading of the play in New York City.

No matter what, if you help out, you’ll be listed as a project supporter and you’ll have my gratitude.  And…you’ll have pledged support to a theater project in the earliest stages of development—when funding is needed most.


Or, if you prefer, a link to the campaign itself.


The success of this campaign would not have been possible without the generosity of the following donors:

Andre Aguto Alforque
Eyal Allweil
Jenny Lyn Bader
Melody Bethel
J. Stephen Brantley
Anke Breunig
Pooja Chakravarti
Geeta Citygirl
Evelin Collado
Cheryl Davis
Lia Denae
Sally Dickerson
Elyse Dubin
Evan Garcia
Emma Halpern
Rob Handel
Betsy Holt
Fo Sheng Hsu
Monet Hurst-Mendoza
Jane Jung
Nancy Kim
Adam Klasfeld
Mattia Landoni
Denise Leffert
Connie Li
Tracy Loh
Dorian Lok
Joyce Lok
Winnie Lok
Nancy Lunsford
Maria Mileaf
Tom Miller
Alex Moore
Nael Nacer
Greg Niedt
Silvia Ngo
Eduardo Paulo
Anne Phelan
Rachael Rifkin
Ron Riley
Genica Robbins
Valerie Simon
Nora Sullivan
Charles Tien
Juliet Tien
Sonia Tien
Grace Tsao
Justin Wong

My deepest, heartfelt thanks to these folks!